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How to Watch Digital Television

Analogue TV broadcasts will stop on 24th July 2011 !!

Analog Television Broadcasts will End on July 24, 2011, the Date When the Switchover to Terrestrial Digital Broadcasts will be Finalized.
(Digital TV = DTV , Digital Terrestrial Television = DTTV , DTV = DTTV)

Why is television moving to digital broadcasting?
Through shifting to a digital format, in addition to increasing the picture quality, there will be a variety of new services introduced. Considerable economic benefits can be expected for related industries, such as mobile and wireless services that are currently providing analogue TV broadcasts, "because some of the frequencies curently used for analog TV broadcasting can be allocated to new cellular or wireless services.

The end of analogue broadcasting has been decided by law, but what exactly has been decided?
In the revision of the Radio Law in 2001, as a pre-requisite for government funding for the switch away from analogue broadcasts, it was decided that analogue broadcasting should be stopped within ten years. In accordance with this, the channel plan subsequently created, determined that the analogue broadcasting would stop on July 24 2011. This was announced on July 25 2001.

This article was reprinted from Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications /The Association for Promotion of Digital Broadcasting (D-pa).

Why Tokyo Antenna Construction has the foreign language page ?
Liking of our president. He said,"Won't foreign people watch a television in 2011?"

Investigation : Confirmation of the reception of an electric wave in the roof.

Flow Chart (How to receive Digital TV)

Firstly MAIL to Tokyo Antenna Construction CO.,LTD.

The expert of construction(=Tokyo Antenna Construction) helps you.

1.Investigation(We will visit your apartment.)

2.We will propose an Improvement Construction plan.

: We will make a plan for DTTV equipment.

: We will make a report on the results of an investigation.

: We will make a presentation of the estimate.


4.Enjoy DTTV


Could you ask the owner of your apartment ?

Could you ask the real estate agent of your apartment ?

Because using Japanese language is more convenient for DTTV construction.


Please tell them this homepage in Japanese language.

Investigation contents

Investigation-1 : Confirmation of the reception of an electric wave in the roof

Investigation-2 : The confirmation of the machine in the building

Investigation : Checking the picture on DTTV.

Investigation : Checking the electric wave power level.

Investigation : Checking the TV Booster and equipments.

Investigation : Checking the wiring work.

Investigation : Checking the tv outlet.


Let's Go to Tokyo Sky Tree!!
The Tokyo Sky Tree (originally referred to as New Tokyo Tower) is a broadcasting tower currently under construction in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan. If completed as planned, it will be the tallest artificial structure in Japan at 634.00 m (2,080 ft) tall. The present Tokyo Tower (333 m) is not tall enough for complete digital terrestrial television broadcasting coverage since the construction of many high rise buildings in the central part of the metropolis. The planning is being led by Tobu Railway and a group of six terrestrial broadcasters, led by public broadcaster NHK, who plan to complete construction of the tower by December 2011, planned to open to the public in Spring 2012. The completed structure will be the highlight of a massive commercial development around Oshiage Station.(From Wikipedia



Tokyo Tower
Meeting (9:00)
Sightseeing (9:00-9:50)
On foot
Onarimon Station on the Mita Subway Line (10:00)
Subway (next 1 station by 4 minutes)
Hibiya Station on the Mita Subway Line (10:10)

and Tukiji
Arriving (10:10)
Windowshopping (10:10-11:00)
On foot
Tukiji Sation on the Hibiya Subway Line (11:00)
Subway (next 4 station by 10 minutes)
Akihabara Station on the Hibiya Subway Line (11:15)

and Ameyoko
Arriving (11:15)
Windowshopping (11:15-12:10)
On foot
Ueno Sation on the Ginza Subway Line (12:10)
Subway (next 2 station by 5 minutes)
Asakusa Station on the Ginza Subway Line (12:20)

Left Small Shops ,Right Huge shop.

Arriving (12:20)
Lunch and shopping (12:20-13:30)
On foot
Asakusa Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line (13:30)
Train (next 1 station by 5 minutes)
Narihirabasi Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line (13:40)

Why using Tobu Isesaki Line is the best?
Because Plathome of Narihirabasi Station is the best view point of Tokyo Sky Tree.

Left Kaminarimon-Gate ,Right Asahi Beer Building with Sumida River.

Arriving (13:40)
Take pictures (13:40-14:10)
On foot
Osiage Sation on the Hanzomon Subway Line (14:10)
Subway (next 7 station by 19 minutes)
kudanshita Station on the Hanzomon Subway Line (14:40)

Osiage is the one of the biggest downtown in EDO-days.
So many UKIYOE spots are around the Tokyo-Sky-Tree.
These above UKIYOE from One Hundred Famous Views of Edo are painted by Hiroshige Utagawa.
Another famous UKIYOE artist, Hokusai Katusika had lived in this area until his death.
Edo-Old-Map in Google

Yasukuni ShrineNaien(center) Close time 17:00
The Imperial PalaceHigasi-Gyoen(East Gardens) Close time 16:00
Arriving (14:30)
Sightseeing (14:30-15:30)
On foot
Tokyo Sation on the JR Keiyo Line (15:30)
Train (next 5 station by 15 minutes)
Maihama Station on the JR keiyo Line (15:55)
and take the Disney Resort Line monorail

Tokyo Disney Resort
Arriving (16:10)
Sightseeing (100 minutes)
Disney Resort Line monorail
Maihama Sation on the JR Keiyo Line (18:00)
Train (next 1 station by 6 minutes)
Sin-kiba Station on the JR keiyo Line (18:10)
transfer (3 minutes)
Sin-kiba Station on the Yurakucho Subway Line
Subway (next 1 station by 5 minutes)
Toyosu Station on the Yurakucho Subway Line(18:20)
transfer (3 minutes)
Toyosu Station on the Yurikamome Line
Train (next 8 station by 16 minutes)
Daiba Station on the Yurikamome Line(18:40)

Arriving (18:50)
Sightseeing (Without Fuji Televisin, closed at 17:30)
Walking around (18:50-19:30)
On foot
Daiba Station on the Yurikamome Line(19:30)
Train (next 4 station by 14 minutes)
Siodome Station on the Yurikamome Line(19:50)
transfer (3 minutes)
Siodome Station on the Ooedo Line
Subway (next 3 station by 8 minutes)
Roppongi Station on the Ooedo Line(20:30)

Arriving (20:30)
Roppongi-Hills and experience to night city view of Tokyo.

Free time.Have a good time...

Left TOKYO TOWER ,Middlle Nakamise Kaminari-Gate(Asakusa) ,Right Akihabara Electronics District(Akihabara)

Tokyo Round Tour Ticket
This ticket offers unlimited travel for one whole day on JR East lines (local and rapid-service trains) as with the "Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass" while also allowing travel on subways of the Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. and subways, trams and buses (excluding late night buses) run by the Bureau of Transportation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (some trains require additional fees). The ticket can be purchased at any JR East "Midori-no-madoguchi" (Reservation Ticket Office) and "View Plaza" (Travel Service Center) located inside the area on the left.

Left Asakusa Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line ,Middle Sibamata Station on the Keisei Line ,Right Akihabara Station on the JR Line

Investigation : BS broadcasting and CS broadcasting

Investigation : Checking the tv outlet.

Investigation : Checking the tv outlet.

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